Living Innards 0.909

Xenogothic on Oneohtrix Point Never, Claire Evans on Hyperland and Intermedia, Jay Springett on Solarpunk and cultural fracking via Interdependence, Amiri Baraka via Elara FM, Ignota books of the year.

Living Innards 0.9

Gus Van Sant’s Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended with Silvia Calderoni and Paul B. Preciado, Zakia Sewell’s My Albion, Fred Moten and Harmony Holiday on quietness, Cheryl Dunye’s The…

Haruspex Radio 0.3

Haruspex Radio is this week transmitting a tribute to fabled record-trading site of yore, Skylab Commerce, which features wall-to-wall late 90s/early 00s ragers from all your emoviolence* faves. Be warned that…

Living Innards 0.817

Micro issue with Skylab Commerce tribute mix, Juliet Jacques film You Will Be Free, a conversation about Mark Fisher with Tariq Goddard, Matt Colquhoun, and Tõnis Kahu, and Georgia Kareola’s…

Living Innards 0.75

Angel Bat Dawid speaks to Tone Glow, Ed Bland’s film The Cry of Jazz, Sockethead’s guest show for Return to Zero, revisiting Jackie Wang for PEN America in 2015, Ben…