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Living Innards 0.909

Xenogothic on Oneohtrix Point Never, Claire Evans on Hyperland and Intermedia, Jay Springett on Solarpunk and cultural fracking via Interdependence, Amiri Baraka via Elara FM, Ignota books of the year.

Living Innards 0.9

Gus Van Sant’s Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended with Silvia Calderoni and Paul B. Preciado, Zakia Sewell’s My Albion, Fred Moten and Harmony Holiday on quietness, Cheryl Dunye’s The Watermelon Woman on Rio Player, Another Subculture’s lockdown zine swap,…

Haruspex Radio 0.3

Haruspex Radio is this week transmitting a tribute to fabled record-trading site of yore, Skylab Commerce, which features wall-to-wall late 90s/early 00s ragers from all your emoviolence* faves. Be warned that listening to Jerome’s Dream, Saetia, and Usurp Synapse in 2020…

Living Innards 0.817

Micro issue with Skylab Commerce tribute mix, Juliet Jacques film You Will Be Free, a conversation about Mark Fisher with Tariq Goddard, Matt Colquhoun, and Tõnis Kahu, and Georgia Kareola’s ‘All the Qings spoke.’

Living Innards 0.75

Angel Bat Dawid speaks to Tone Glow, Ed Bland’s film The Cry of Jazz, Sockethead’s guest show for Return to Zero, revisiting Jackie Wang for PEN America in 2015, Ben Woodard on slime, underwater cables, and early biology, the Serpentine’s…

Living Innards 0.7

Hari Kunzru remembers the original Virtual Futures conferences for Into the Zone, Danny Bushes’ mixtape-essay on the Black Audio Film Collective, Jen Calleja’s Oubliette, a new film about the pioneering women of early electronic music, Adam Scovell on Derek Jarman’s Bankside,…

Haruspex Radio 0.23

This week’s motto: NEVER SETTLE (on a vibe for more than two continuous tracks). 01. clipping. – Enlacing02. Oliver Coates – Caregiver pt. 5 (Money)03. Aïsha Devi – Anatomy of Light04. Yellow Swans – Sovereign05. Nicolas Jaar – Mud06. Deathprod…

Living Innards 0.666

An incredible talk from Tai Shani on the occult feminist imaginary, more Saidiya Hartman, a moving eulogy for David Graeber, DeForrest Brown Jr on how the dance music industry has failed Black artists, Jacques Derrida on repetition, improvisation and Ornette…

Haruspex Radio 0.15

Intense LaBeouf energy this week. Arabic pop to Japanese and Austrian jazz via Kesh chants plus murk and wonk as standard (and a word from our sponsors). 01. Ahmed Fakroun – Jama Al’ F’Na02. James Ferarro – Xerces Blau03. Kuniyuki…

Living Innards 0.45

This week’s newsletter features Infrasonic’s interview with Ama Josephine Budge, Shabaka Hutchings on Pharoah Sanders, a new film by the Otolith Group, Not Going Back to Normal’s manifesto for radical inclusivity in the Scottish arts scene, the psychotronic streams of…