Haruspex Radio 0.3

Haruspex Radio is this week transmitting a tribute to fabled record-trading site of yore, Skylab Commerce, which features wall-to-wall late 90s/early 00s ragers from all your emoviolence* faves. Be warned that listening to Jerome’s Dream, Saetia, and Usurp Synapse in 2020 is likely to make you feel either confused or very old or both.

01. Orchid – Le Désordre, C’est Moi
02. Usurp Synapse – Brundlefly
03. The Festival of Dead Deer – Monotones
04. In/Humanity – Oh No!
05. Charles Bronson – The Tears of a Clone
06. Jenny Piccolo – We Are All Illegal
07. Love Lost But Not Forgotten – Means to No End
08. My Lai – Diving Bell
09. Neil Perry – Looking Back On The Way You Want To Be In The Future
10. The Locust – Moth-Eaten Deer Head
11. Saetia – The Sweetness and the Light
12. Red Scare – Asphyxial Eclipse
13. Ink & Dagger – The Road to Hell
14. The Blood Brothers – Doctor! Doctor!
15. Reversal of Man – Get the Kid with the Sideburns
16. Jerome’s Dream – The Teacher Says to His Pupil
17. Pg. 99 – Humans With Forked Tongues